Abby Covert

With a proven track record in establishing user-centric practices in a variety of creative environments, Abby also has a reputation for stellar information architecture work in a variety of consulting contexts.

Abby helped teams at Nike to improve their Business-to-Business selling process by providing information architecture consulting services. She worked with the team redesigning the menu system for the International House of Pancakes, resulting in a 3.6% increase in sales per store implementing the new menu. And she spearheaded the creation of a user-experience planning practice within DraftFCB, a global integrated advertising agency based in Chicago, just to name a few of her amazing accomplishments.

Abby prides herself on being an active organizer and mentor within the design community. She holds credit for inventing World Information Architecture Day. World IA Day 2014 served 24 locations and more then 2500 attendees globally. Abby was recently elected as the President of the Information Architecture Institute.

Headshot of Abby Covert
Abby Covert

How To Make Sense of Any Mess

You’ll learn…

  • Illustrate problems and solutions with diagrams that go beyond wireframes and sitemaps
  • Find the best taxonomy for your users through testing and iterating on your taxonomic choices
  • Choose the best tools and processes that help you make sense of complex subjects and situations
  • Communicate with your users consistently through controlled vocabularies