Hagan Rivers

With 23 years of experience in designing user interfaces for organizations such as Sun Microsystems and Netscape, Hagan has a comprehensive answer to the question, “How can I simplify this chaotic UI?”

Hagan is an expert on the what, why, and how of good (and bad) interface design for complex interactions. Since founding Two Rivers Consulting, she’s been answering her calling to design beautiful and useful dashboards for companies worldwide. And after this seminar, you’ll be well on your way to doing the same.

Plus, before the session, you can check out her info-packed UIE podcast, “Simplifying Complex Interactions,” or follow her on Twitter @haganrivers.

Headshot of Hagan Rivers
Hagan Rivers

Designing Better Navigation for Web Applications

You’ll learn…

  • Step back and see global navigation as a separate application with its own needs and constraints
  • Identify common mistakes in tab, menu, and tree-based navigation systems that you can avoid
  • Design liberating and powerful applications without designing global navigation first, leading to a better application design and a better global navigation design
  • Use Hub Diagrams to create an overview of your navigation system that works the way your users think