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Expert: Jason Ulaszek

Headshot of Jason Ulaszek

Ever heard of UX for Good? It's an annual social-good design event we absolutely love, and Jason Ulaszek founded it. That marriage of entrepreneurial spirit and UX expertise makes him a sought-after expert on connecting creative with business.

But more than that, he's just a riot. Seriously, this man's energy is matched only by his uncanny ability to describe complex topics in simple terms. (Exceptional, in other words.)

By day, Jason's business acumen comes in handy as Founder and Chief Design Officer for Inzovu, where he leads project teams exploring new ways to tackle and solve social problems through design. He's also an adjunct faculty member in the HCI Masters program at DePaul University, and you'll be referencing his teaching for years to come.

Get brain nuggets from him on Twitter @webbit.