Josh Seiden

You’ve heard of Neo, right? No, not The Matrix Neo. Neo the product development consultancy that companies such as PayPal, The Weather Channel, Time, Inc., and Adobe turn to for testing new ideas—and finding the ones that work.

Neo is chock full of super smart people from all over the tech industry, and Josh Seiden is both an interaction designer and the managing director of its NYC office. (In fact, Neo acquired Josh's Lean UX consultancy just months after he launched it; THAT's how good he is.)

Before that, Josh was the head of product design at Liquidnet and interaction design team lead at Cooper. He also founded the Interaction Design Association and served as its president. Plus, he co-wrote the book on Lean UX. So he’s a skilled master when it comes to data-driven design methodologies, which you’ll soon learn for yourself.

If you still want more from Josh, check out his blog, More Than This, where he covers design and UX topics on a weekly basis. He’s also on Twitter @jseiden.