Nathan Curtis

Nathan Curtis has been swimming in the deep end of the UX pool since 1996, when he started focusing his creative energies on IA, ID, usability, and front-end development. He's also an entrepreneur at heart, having founded the renowned EightShapes in Washington, DC, where he continues to make a splash today.

Nathan, who authored Modular Web Design, also led other UIE seminars we suggest watching, including How to Create a UX Design Library from September 2010 and Components vs. Patterns from January 2009. He also held a virtual seminar in 2011 on this topic of HTML prototypes if you need a primer. Find him on Twitter @nathanacurtis

Headshot of Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis

From PDFs to HTML Prototypes

You’ll learn…

  • Understand how and when HTML prototypes can fit into your design process
  • Honestly assess your front-end coding skills and how you can progressively enrich your capabilities to make valuable contributions
  • Recognize what you really need to prototype, balance it against other artifacts you’re creating, and identify when you’re spinning out of control
  • Understand why in most successful projects, it’s not about the skills or deliverable, but about the process and collaboration with your teammates and stakeholders