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Expert: Stephen Hay

Headshot of Stephen Hay

Let's dig into why Stephen Hay is awesome.

First, he's been a champion of the content-first approach to responsive web design since before "responsive web design" was a thing. Yes, the man is a visionary.

Second, when not consulting with clients through his consultancy, Zero Interface, he's been traveling the world giving workshops and talks. Attendees tell us that Stephen has re-invigorated their processes and helped them design better products, faster.

Third, is author of Responsive Design Workflow (New Riders, 2013) and co-author of Smashing Book #3, which mobile UX designers and front-end developers use as their go-to guides for getting great work done.

A native Californian, Stephen currently resides in The Netherlands. When he's not working himself to death, he appreciates a good Belgian ale and blogs about twice a year at You can also find him on Twitter: @stephenhay.

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Headshot of Stephen Hay
Stephen Hay

Maintaining Simplicity

Headshot of Stephen Hay
Stephen Hay

What You’ll Learn

  • What simplicity means and how to watch for the human conditions that lure us to the dark side of complexity
  • How leaving content decisions until the end and adding features is like choosing a vehicle before knowing the route
  • Why the baggage that comes with designs, clients, designers, and developers doesn’t solve the right problems (yours)
  • How to use a three-step zero-based approach to achieve simplicity