Bruce McCarthy

It’s not every day that you run across a friendly subject-matter expert like Bruce McCarthy. He’s so invested in helping product managers and UX designers work smarter that his company—UpUp Labs—is launching a tool to help them validate requirements before jumping to design:

And all his knowledge comes from direct experience. Bruce founded three startups, so finding product-market fit and a sustainable business plan was essential to growth. He’s also held executive-level product management positions for companies including NetProspex and ATG.

And as a result, he’s come to know what works—and doesn’t work—with traditional design teams and processes. In fact, he’s been blogging about this topic at Product Powers, which will give you a taste of his fun, practical teaching style.

So if you’re ready to stop the madness of requirements-driven design, don’t miss Bruce's live virtual seminar.

Headshot of Bruce McCarthy
Bruce McCarthy

Curing Shiny Object Syndrome: Prioritization Best Practices

You’ll learn…

  • How to bring disparate stakeholders together under a common framework
  • How to move past opinion, emotion, and personal agendas to set smart business goals
  • How to separate the merely good ideas from the truly great ones
  • How focusing on your goals and achieving success can transform your stakeholders into your biggest cheerleaders