Marketing to a specific audience is branding. And whether you're using intuitive interactions or writing tailored content, developing a brand that conveys a reliable experience to your users is a key facet to the growth of any organization.

Headshot of David Rivers
David Rivers

Visual Design for Web Applications

You’ll learn…

  • Use key points to use as a checklist or to plan your visual design
  • Incorporate brand into your design
  • Recognize when you should be consistent, and when it’s important to be inconsistent
  • Consider new terms—Stage, interaction planes, and affordances—what they mean and why they’re important
  • Start down in the trenches of your application, rather than the dashboard or home screen
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

Strike Up the Brand: How Smart Design Can Strengthen Your Brand

You’ll learn…

  • Recognize the two important outcomes of branding efforts -- affinity and dispositional returns
  • Understand why 'message' branding doesn't strengthen engagement, but 'experience' branding does
  • Understand the important role that user experience research plays in the design process for branding
  • Measure brand engagement to show the effects of a design