Structuring content in ways that are intuitive to your users is always a challenge. Interpretation, analytics, and marketing goals can all affect how we refer to different types of content. Find out how taxonomy relates to technology, marketing, and usability in these informative seminars.

Headshot of Andy Fitzgerald
Andy Fitzgerald

Language Arts for the Lizard Brain

You’ll learn…

  • Understand the brain’s two modes of interrogating the world around us
  • Discover the role of context in the meaning we assign to words
  • Grasp the salient thresholds at which the message we’re trying to convey “clicks” … or crumbles
  • Learn the ways you can leverage this knowledge to make better design decisions in the work you do
Headshot of Abby Covert
Abby Covert

How To Make Sense of Any Mess

You’ll learn…

  • Illustrate problems and solutions with diagrams that go beyond wireframes and sitemaps
  • Find the best taxonomy for your users through testing and iterating on your taxonomic choices
  • Choose the best tools and processes that help you make sense of complex subjects and situations
  • Communicate with your users consistently through controlled vocabularies
Headshot of Stephanie Lemieux
Stephanie Lemieux

Tagging with Folksonomies in a Taxonomy World

You’ll learn…

  • Expose tags through effective approaches such as tag clouds, faceted tags, and clustering
  • Encourage your users to create helpful tags using automatic suggestion or type-ahead features
  • Explore the good and bad from popular folksonomy implementations, like LibraryThing, Buzzillions, SharePoint, and Amazon
  • Develop proven strategies for implementing tagging inside of enterprise systems, such as a recent project from Raytheon systems