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Recorded Event: UX Immersion: Interactions 2016 Talks from the conference

UX Immersion: Interactions 2016 logo

Seven Boundary-Pushing Experts - Take in the expertise of each of our incredible interaction design masters:

  • Chris Risdon - Designing for Behavior
  • Dan Saffer - Practical Creativity
  • Marc Rettig - Creating Design Culture
  • Hagan Rivers - Enterprise Application Navigation
  • Amy Jo Kim - Game Thinking Approaches
  • Richard Banfield - Delivering Great Ideas

And UIE's own Jared Spool delivers a captivating keynote on how companies are infusing interaction design into their competitive advantage. You never thought design strategy could be so entertainingly motivating.

Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

Beyond the UX Tipping Point

Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

What You’ll Learn

  • Which path organizations take to become design-infused
  • How a centralized UX team is a stepping stone to a more UX capable organization
  • Why the market needs to demand a better experience before it will matter
  • What your organization will need to do to cross the UX Tipping Point
April 19, 2016
Headshot of Amy Jo Kim
Amy Jo Kim

Turbocharge Your Product Design With Game Thinking

Headshot of Amy Jo Kim
Amy Jo Kim

What You’ll Learn

  • How to identify the right people to test early versions of your product
  • Ways to transform customer research insights into design-ready Job Stories
  • How to use 4-stage Customer Narratives to design experiences that evolve over time
  • Core Loops that build skills and promote learning for long term user engagement