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Headshot of Cindy Alvarez
Cindy Alvarez

Infectious Research

As a researcher, you spend your days understanding the customer—who are they? What problems are they solving? How do they behave today? How are they making decisions?  How do you get that knowledge from your head into everyone else's heads? 

You can't be in every meeting, you can't rely on everyone to read research reports, and—to make things even more challenging—you're often the bearer of bad news. Nope, the customer doesn't need this; sorry, the customer acts in totally unexpected ways.

In this talk, I'll share my tactics for spreading customer insights through an organization (even when they're not popular). You'll walk away with templates and some ideas to put into practice ASAP!

Headshot of Abby Covert
Abby Covert

Making Sense of Research Findings

You’ll learn…

  • Learn what you can do before, during, and after research activities to make gathering insights more efficient later on
  • Gain confidence in breaking down large sets of research data into manageable areas to focus on
  • Improve the way you communicate research insights to clients and colleagues