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Expert: Marc Stickdorn

Headshot of Marc  Stickdorn

We first discovered Marc Stickdorn speaking about service-design thinking in South America and came to one conclusion: we needed him to do a workshop at UI19. His innovative approach to mapping customers’ journey through an experience—including their emotion and satisfaction along the way—is practical, low risk, and high value.

His teaching is so sought-after that he co-authored and edited the book, This is Service-Design Thinking, which is packed with case studies of organizations who’ve moved toward empathy-driven design.

Marc is a guest lecturer at business and design schools, and he works with organizations to sustainably integrate service design in their daily processes. He co-founded smaply, software to visualize customer journeys and service ecosystems, and also myServiceFellow, a tool to gain genuine customer insights through mobile ethnography.

You can catch more from Marc on Twitter @mrstickdorn.

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Headshot of Marc  Stickdorn
Marc Stickdorn

Service Design: Basic Tools and Insights

Headshot of Marc  Stickdorn
Marc Stickdorn

What You’ll Learn

  • Journey mapping: effective tools to visualize experiences and ecosystems
  • Customer experience across channels: a deeper understanding of the importance of seamless experiences across channels and silos
  • Service ecosystems: how products and services are connected and how interactions within an organization can affect each other