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Topic: Understanding the User Experience

The bigger your organization, the more likely there is to be a nice, thick layer of insulation between the people making decisions on your product and your users. That insulation prevents them from truly understanding the users’ experience, creating a lack of understanding in how to deliver what those users truly need.

In this case, the number one job of the UX professional is to communicate to the rest of the organization, exactly what it’s like to be a customer. We bet you're wondering how to do that.

Here, we’ve gathered these three recordings from the library that give you a 3-step process to push through the insulation. Start with Dan Brown’s talk on discovery, where teams work together to develop an understanding of the problem. Jim Kalbach shows you how to map out the user’s experience, but will convince you that the collaborative process of doing so is what is important. Finally, Christine Perfetti guides you through pulling it altogether in a process that —with this new understanding of the user’s experience—leaves you with a collaboratively built long-term vision for your product.

Headshot of Jim Kalbach
Jim Kalbach

Building Consensus by Mapping Experiences

Headshot of Jim Kalbach
Jim Kalbach

What You’ll Learn

  • Get practical advice on how mapping experiences can lead to strategic conversations in your organization
  • Learn specific techniques that you can use to facilitate design conversations with business leaders
  • Gain advice on how to leverage your design skills to influence business strategy and change organizations