Headshot of Leah Buley
Leah Buley

Hunches, Instincts, and Trusting Your Gut

You’ll learn…

  • Assess the effectiveness of layout, typography, messaging, and more by looking at the hierarchy of information
  • Achieve maximum simplicity and conceptual coherence by looking at elements that feel out of place and asking yourself why
  • Examine the success of calls to action and ask, “What can I, the UX designer, do next?”
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

Testing Your Critiquing Skills: Site Navigation

You’ll learn…

  • Encourage other team members to use critique to look at other on-going work
  • Use critique to encourage designers to become introspective and revisit underlying precepts of their design
  • Give great critique and encourage the designer to be receptive and engaged in the discussion, instead of being defensive and argumentative