User Interface 21

talks from the conference

User Interface 21: A conference tailored to raise your design practice to new heights. Gain the super powers to tackle today’s most challenging design problems.

Craft your design practice to meet every challenge

  • Defeat messy, convoluted information with organized, simple designs.
  • Push beyond legacy constraints with a highly refined problem discovery process.
  • Reduce project friction by infusing design into agile development methods.
  • Lead the team and stakeholders to dynamic collaboration.

Headshot of Kim Goodwin
Kim Goodwin

Preventing the Swoop-and-Poop with Successful Stakeholder Engagement

You’ll learn…

  • Identify if your approach is contributing to bad stakeholder behavior
  • Extract the best information from stakeholders early in the process
  • Build your interviewing and communication skills to get to the heart of what they want, and what you need to do to deliver it
  • Engage stakeholders throughout the project to get the feedback you need and help them feel their contribution is important
  • Adjust your stakeholder approach based on the organizational culture in which they work
Headshot of Melissa Perri
Melissa Perri

Designing To Learn: Testing Your Minimum Viable Product

You’ll learn…

  • Approach your MVP as an Experiment to test your product hypothesis and learn more about your customers
  • Design the most effective product experimentations and MVPs
  • Gain support within your organization for using MVPs as a testing method
  • Incorporate MVPs into your overall product strategy
Headshot of Jared Spool
Jared Spool

From UI21: Is Design Metrically Opposed?

In the world of measures, metrics, and Key Performance Indicators some practices have hurt the online experience of Instagram and LinkedIn. While alternatives to satisfaction and net promoter score give insight into the design process and help designers have better instincts. If you’re ready to talk to your teams about what you really need, help management interpret the data, and create analytical experiments that provide design insights, don’t miss this talk.

Headshot of Cyd Harrell
Cyd Harrell

Metaphors in Qualitative Research & Analysis: The Force is Strong

You’ll learn…

  • Use games and tricks to identify the important metaphors within a qualitative dataset, particularly ones that surface hypotheses you can test
  • Invite stakeholders who may be focused on quantitative research to see the power of the qualitative side of things
  • Turn information into useful data by using spreadsheet programs to tackle big qualitative datasets
  • Gain deep insights when you categorize and cluster information more rigorously
Headshot of Dan Brown
Dan Brown

Collaborative Design Discovery: Four Essential Techniques

You’ll learn…

  • Recognize when someone’s mindset is preventing them from doing their best work
  • Put creative mindsets to use to get the most exciting design alternatives out of your team
  • How the right mindset can help you see the design problem more clearly
  • Adopt behaviors that help you and your team to reach a shared understanding of the design problem, context, and direction
Headshot of Abby Covert
Abby Covert

How To Make Sense of Any Mess

You’ll learn…

  • Illustrate problems and solutions with diagrams that go beyond wireframes and sitemaps
  • Find the best taxonomy for your users through testing and iterating on your taxonomic choices
  • Choose the best tools and processes that help you make sense of complex subjects and situations
  • Communicate with your users consistently through controlled vocabularies