Design Principles

Headshot of Giles Colborne
Giles Colborne

Designing Conversations

Is it true that the next generation of user interfaces are conversational interfaces? This presentation looks beyond the hype to examine why conversational interfaces offer new opportunities for swifter more satisfying interaction. It also shines a light on some of the pitfalls into which conversational interfaces can easily fall. It unpacks the psychology of human conversation and shows how you can turn this into design principles for more satisfying user experiences–whether you’re building a conversational user interface or a standard touch UI.

Headshot of Nathan Curtis
Nathan Curtis

A Tour of Today’s Online Style Guides

You’ll learn…

  • Why examples are important and the best places to find inspiration for your style guide
  • How to create style guides even when you don’t have time
  • How to see your style guide with a critical eye for the purpose of fine-tuning
  • How to understand what your organization needs from your style guide
Headshot of Dan Brown
Dan Brown

5 Simple Principles to Improve Your Information Architecture

You’ll learn…

  • Take information architecture beyond hierarchical site maps and explore some of the real challenges facing sites today.
  • Consider navigation menus more rigorously, without them turning into the junk drawer of your web site.
  • Establish ground rules for creating gallery or index pages that point to content to avoid clutter.
  • Understand what techniques most effectively explain the site's underlying structure to visitors.