Visual Design

13 seminars, 10 instructors, and you.

Successful visual designs combine art, science, and behavioral research. Hear which approaches renowned designers recommend using to expand your visual-design skills while more effectively meeting the expectations of your users, clients, and colleagues.

Headshot of Tim Brown
Tim Brown

The Transformative Power of Typography and Graphic Design

You’ll learn…

  • How to bake high-level typography and graphic design concepts into our work
  • Why typography can help us understand responsive design and where in history we can find inspiration and guidance
  • Which rules and when using them can prepare web compositions for various scenarios
  • Why it’s important to practice graphic and typographic design
Headshot of David Rivers
David Rivers

Visual Design for Web Applications

You’ll learn…

  • Use key points to use as a checklist or to plan your visual design
  • Incorporate brand into your design
  • Recognize when you should be consistent, and when it’s important to be inconsistent
  • Consider new terms—Stage, interaction planes, and affordances—what they mean and why they’re important
  • Start down in the trenches of your application, rather than the dashboard or home screen
Headshot of Patrick Hofmann
Patrick Hofmann

Effective Use of Icons & Images

You’ll learn…

  • Evaluate your user interface and information, with a closer look at the icons and images used to represent information.
  • Avoid use of symbols and icons in your interfaces that confuse, offend, or even alienate your audience.
  • Better judge the inclusion, exclusion, as well as the combination of words and images in your information.
  • Create more effective toolbars, favicons, desktops, menus, and UIs with well-balanced, well-thought-out icons, images, and text.
Headshot of Patrick Hofmann
Patrick Hofmann

Essentials of Effective Visual Design

You’ll learn…

  • Use the best information designs to help you scan, read, and absorb information.
  • Judge contrast, repetition, alignment, and proximity in our designs
  • Use the simplest of tweaks, like adjusting the mere text sizes or line weights in your information to dramatically improve your product’s usability
  • Ensure the images you use are as effective as the words that go along with them.