Content Strategy

Communicating with the written word is more than just copywriting. Content strategy looks at the entire experience -- for both the end user and the content creator -- and captures how to help each audience publish, read, and act on the content underlying websites and applications.

Headshot of Stephen Hay
Stephen Hay

Maintaining Simplicity

You’ll learn…

  • What simplicity means and how to watch for the human conditions that lure us to the dark side of complexity
  • How leaving content decisions until the end and adding features is like choosing a vehicle before knowing the route
  • Why the baggage that comes with designs, clients, designers, and developers doesn’t solve the right problems (yours)
  • How to use a three-step zero-based approach to achieve simplicity
Headshot of Karen McGrane
Karen McGrane

Content in a Zombie Apocalypse

You’ll learn…

  • Accommodate a growing number of mobile-only audiences—and how data shows how they behave
  • Fight the "every mobile user is like me" assumption that plagues mobile design
  • Make content accessible, navigable, and publish-able across multiple devices
  • Create a mobile content strategy that works for the people in your organization—and your users, too
Headshot of Karen McGrane
Karen McGrane

Adapting Ourselves to Adaptive Content

You’ll learn…

  • Using structured or adaptive content to get all of your content on mobile
  • Separating content and form (instead of repurposing designs from other platforms)
  • Writing content that’s flexible, reusable, and marked up with metadata
  • Evolving your CMS and editorial processes to support multi-channel publishing
Headshot of Margot Bloomstein
Margot Bloomstein

Combining Curation with Your Content Strategy

You’ll learn…

  • How curated content will help you execute a content strategy
  • Why a solid point-of-view drives your strategy
  • Where automated publishing tools often work against you
  • Why storytelling cultivates content for your target audience
  • How to utilize storytelling techniques to craft the best experience
  • How to avoid trouble when curating
Headshot of Kristina Halvorson
Kristina Halvorson

Content Strategy: Maximizing a Business Asset

You’ll learn…

  • See content strategy (and its business value) defined and explained in plain language
  • Find out why so many web projects implode in the content development phase, and how to avoid those unnecessary costs and delays
  • Discover simple ways to introduce content strategy into your user experience design process
  • Learn about the easy-to-use tools to plan, create, and govern your online content
  • Get solid, practical advice on staffing and resource allocation for web editorial roles and responsibilities