Headshot of Kim Goodwin
Kim Goodwin

Preventing the Swoop-and-Poop with Successful Stakeholder Engagement

You’ll learn…

  • Identify if your approach is contributing to bad stakeholder behavior
  • Extract the best information from stakeholders early in the process
  • Build your interviewing and communication skills to get to the heart of what they want, and what you need to do to deliver it
  • Engage stakeholders throughout the project to get the feedback you need and help them feel their contribution is important
  • Adjust your stakeholder approach based on the organizational culture in which they work
Headshot of Cyd Harrell
Cyd Harrell

Metaphors in Qualitative Research & Analysis: The Force is Strong

You’ll learn…

  • Use games and tricks to identify the important metaphors within a qualitative dataset, particularly ones that surface hypotheses you can test
  • Invite stakeholders who may be focused on quantitative research to see the power of the qualitative side of things
  • Turn information into useful data by using spreadsheet programs to tackle big qualitative datasets
  • Gain deep insights when you categorize and cluster information more rigorously
Headshot of Dan Brown
Dan Brown

Collaborative Design Discovery: Four Essential Techniques

You’ll learn…

  • Recognize when someone’s mindset is preventing them from doing their best work
  • Put creative mindsets to use to get the most exciting design alternatives out of your team
  • How the right mindset can help you see the design problem more clearly
  • Adopt behaviors that help you and your team to reach a shared understanding of the design problem, context, and direction
Headshot of Abby Covert
Abby Covert

Making Sense of Research Findings

You’ll learn…

  • Learn what you can do before, during, and after research activities to make gathering insights more efficient later on
  • Gain confidence in breaking down large sets of research data into manageable areas to focus on
  • Improve the way you communicate research insights to clients and colleagues
Headshot of Marty Cagan
Marty Cagan

Good to Great

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

Lots of product teams have progressed substantially over the past several years from very weak/novice to generally capable/competent. The dialog has moved from “why can’t we have a product designer or user researcher on our team?” to “why is it that our product manager and product designer are not always working together effectively?” and “why is it that the user research is being largely ignored when they have such seemingly valuable findings?”

This is actually progress, and we can see the improvements in the results, but in the commercial product world, it’s not sufficient to just have mediocre products, at least not for long. Our products have to provide substantial value over and above the alternatives. In this presentation, Inspired author Marty Cagan will focus on raising the game of product managers, product designers and user researchers. He will highlight several of the top issues/problems for these roles, and discuss how you can address each.

Headshot of Laura Klein
Laura Klein

Planning Your User’s Path Together

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

Product teams spend a lot of time making decisions about what the customer will experience. UX Designers make journey maps and interfaces. Product Managers build and prioritize roadmaps. Marketing writes copy and gets in front of potential users. Engineers make it all into a product. All too frequently, we do these things separately, which can lead to problems. Engineering doesn’t understand the ideal user flow. Designers don’t know why one feature is being built before a more important one. Marketing has a different vision of the ideal customer. And Product Managers have to run around explaining the vision to everybody on the team.

Some things are so important that they need to be created, shared, and understood by the whole team together. The User Lifecycle Funnel is one of those things. In this talk, Laura Klein, author of the forthcoming Build Better Products, will share a framework and a design thinking exercise for making sure that everyone on your team—including Product Managers and UX Designers—is united in their vision for just what exactly it is that you’re building. You’ll learn a quick, hands-on tool that will help you combine qualitative and quantitative data to determine and measure every step of your customer’s journey.

Headshot of Jeff Gothelf
Jeff Gothelf

There is No Such Thing as UX Strategy. There is Only Product Strategy.

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

UX strategy is part of product strategy. It is not its own thing. Calling it out as such further isolates designers from their colleagues in “the business” and in Product Management. It does nothing to actually drive the value of a holistic user experience into the org’s mainstream conversations. Instead, designers should work closely with Product Managers to inform a product strategy conversation that considers not only the UX but the business’ and product’s success factors as well.

In this talk, Jeff Gothelf—co-author of Lean UX and the forthcoming Sense and Respond—will teach you:

  • Why carving out a separate “UX” strategy is detrimental to team and product cohesion
  • How collaboration between product managers and ux designers can help frame a holistic product strategy
  • How to divide strategic responsibilities between product managers and ux designers so that everyone has their seat at the table
Headshot of Bruce McCarthy
Bruce McCarthy

Curing Shiny Object Syndrome: Prioritization Best Practices

You’ll learn…

  • How to bring disparate stakeholders together under a common framework
  • How to move past opinion, emotion, and personal agendas to set smart business goals
  • How to separate the merely good ideas from the truly great ones
  • How focusing on your goals and achieving success can transform your stakeholders into your biggest cheerleaders
Headshot of PJ McCormick
PJ McCormick

Fostering Effective Collaboration in a Global Environment

PJ’s team recently transitioned from reactive, agency-like project work to a proactive, self-driven roadmap. They had to figure out a way to collaborate efficiently across 5 different disciplines—and a bunch of time zones—to make awesome products for their customers. And, they had to convince everyone else at Amazon to get with the program.

Find out from PJ how talking and listening can be the key to creating meaningful change. He’ll share everything his team learned about winning allies, building responsive systems and processes, and meeting the needs of a user base that spans the globe.