Business Strategy

If you work in UX design, then you're in the business of building businesses. After all, conveying an intuitive experience to your users is vital to engagement. Find out how to make business and UX design play nice together -- from experts with powerful lessons learned.

Headshot of Jim Kalbach
Jim Kalbach

Building Consensus by Mapping Experiences

You’ll learn…

  • Get practical advice on how mapping experiences can lead to strategic conversations in your organization
  • Learn specific techniques that you can use to facilitate design conversations with business leaders
  • Gain advice on how to leverage your design skills to influence business strategy and change organizations
Headshot of Christina Wodtke
Christina Wodtke

Radical Focus

From Rosenfeld Media's Product Management + User Experience Virtual Conference.

Getting a team to work together and achieve a goal can be as much about picking the goal as picking the team. Too many companies fail at making big changes or tackling big problems because they fail to focus, prioritize, and motivate all members of the team.

In this talk, Christina Wodtke, author of the forthcoming Radical Focus: Achieving Your Most Important Goals with Objectives and Key Results, will teach you how to tackle and realize big goals in a methodical way using Objectives and Key Results (OKRs). You’ll learn the beauty of a good fail and how regular check-ins can keep you on track to success. Christina has devoted her career to tackling monumental tasks. She’s helped grow companies like LinkedIn, Yahoo, and the New York Times. Nowadays she works with startups and entrepreneurs, sharing her strategies for success and inspiring them to pursue big goals and outlandish dreams.

Headshot of Bruce McCarthy
Bruce McCarthy

Curing Shiny Object Syndrome: Prioritization Best Practices

You’ll learn…

  • How to bring disparate stakeholders together under a common framework
  • How to move past opinion, emotion, and personal agendas to set smart business goals
  • How to separate the merely good ideas from the truly great ones
  • How focusing on your goals and achieving success can transform your stakeholders into your biggest cheerleaders
Headshot of Maria Giudice
Maria Giudice

Rise of the DEO: Leadership by Design

In Rise of the DEO, Maria Giudice and her coauthor explore the intersection of creativity and business smarts. They look at how and why this unlikely coupling produces leaders capable of solving our increasingly complex business problems.

At Warm Gun, Maria will lead a conversation that focuses on techniques, tactics, and intuitions that create stronger leaders. She’ll untangle the characteristics and qualities that distinguish great creative leaders. She’ll introduce you to today’s role models and rule breakers. Join us to uncover your own skills to build, revive, or reinvent the next generation of great companies.

Headshot of Margot Bloomstein
Margot Bloomstein

Combining Curation with Your Content Strategy

You’ll learn…

  • How curated content will help you execute a content strategy
  • Why a solid point-of-view drives your strategy
  • Where automated publishing tools often work against you
  • Why storytelling cultivates content for your target audience
  • How to utilize storytelling techniques to craft the best experience
  • How to avoid trouble when curating