Headshot of Jenn Lukas
Jenn Lukas

Let’s Talk About Responsive Images and Performance

You’ll learn…

  • The role of performance and image size, and strategies to deal with them
  • How to approach art direction across screen sizes from content, design, and technological angles
  • Image formats—like SVG and WebM—to get the best performing image for each scenario
  • How to deliver assets and code samples for implementation on the web
Headshot of Mara Zepeda
Mara Zepeda

Bringing IRL Online

The challenge for Mara’s team at Switchboard was fostering that sense of trust in a strictly online community. People are hungry to connect, to help and be helped. But how much community building can you do if people never get together face-to-face?

Mara shares how Switchboard became a place where people can get what they need from people they trust. By limiting content and functionality. By making deliberate aesthetic choices. And by reaching out to community influencers in-real-life to foster a sense of trust between folks who might never meet face to face.