Interaction Design

Headshot of Rachel Hinman
Rachel Hinman

The Mobile Frontier

You’ll learn to…

  • How to think about and create experiences that span and scale across multiple devices
  • Where natural UIs go beyond what we can do with traditional graphical UIs
  • Ways to traverse the chasm between gestures and mouse-based interactions
  • Moving from efficiency and tasks towards providing a sense of comfort and connection
Headshot of Bill Scott
Bill Scott

Designing Rich Interactive Experiences

You’ll learn to…

  • Build smart user interfaces that are driven by content, controls, or data.
  • Break up IA while achieving seamless flows and intuitive interactivity.
  • Improve animations by focusing on what can be simplified rather than added.
  • Create meaningful experiences by using standard design patterns in elegant ways.
Headshot of Bill DeRouchey
Bill DeRouchey

Designing Humanity into your products

You’ll learn to…

  • Avoid the formal tone, creating an imbalance of power in the company-to-customer relationship
  • Take a step forward, creating slack in your relationship with customers, and learn why that’s key in having a solid brand
  • Show customers there are real people looking out for them, making the products they use
  • Be the most human when your customers are the most challenged and need the most help